Train like an athlete


If a 65 Year old brain tumour survivor can train like an athlete then

so can you.


Why would you want to train like an athlete anyway?


The simple answer is RESULTS.


Professional athletes careers and livelihoods depend on them getting results so when they turn up to train they make sure they get the most from their training sessions.

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Nick Grantham

Nick Grantham


Nick Grantham is High Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach


Nick has become recognised as a specialist in athletic preparation and has helped athletes at all levels achieve their personal goals and ambitions.


Nick has worked in high performance sport for over 10 years and has extensive experience of long term athlete development.


Nick has worked with Olympic Athletes across a wide range of sports including Gymnastics and Rowing.


Nick continues to develop his knowledge of advanced training concepts and evidence based training principles, and has observed best practice at leading training establishments around the world including; the Australian Institute of Sport, International Rugby Academy New Zealand, US Olympic Training Centre, Cirque du Soleil and Birmingham Royal Ballet.


The good news is that ANYONE CAN TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE, yes anyone even a pensioner recovering from a brain tumor and the truth is everyone NEEDS to train like an athlete.


Whatever your level of current fitness and exercise experience I'm going to share some drills and strategies that will SKY ROCKET YOUR CURRENT RESULTS so you can get into the shape you really want..


olympicYou are going to learn to exercise and train like an Olympic Athlete. It doesn't matter how much time you have you are going to learn the principles and be able to adapt them into your schedule.


First let me tell you about Ken the 65 Year Old Brain tumor survivor.


I first met Ken after his son (Phil a keen triathlete and client) referred him to me. Ken had been experiencing some ongoing balance issues and Phil thought that a structured strength and conditioning programme would benefit him. Ken was in his sixties so I suggested he visit his GP to have a check up and get to the bottom of the balance issues. I wasn't expecting what happened next.


Phil called to explain that Ken had a brain tumour and was in hospital having an operation to remove it.


Surprised or what!


Fortunately, the operation was a success and after taking some time to get over the operation Ken came in and started to train with me.


Did I walk him over and sit him down on a pec dec?


Did I heck!


We got to work using simple yet effective functional exercises, the same exercises that I'd used for more than a decade working with Olympic Athletes.



Robert dos Remedios


"I consider Nick Grantham a 'conditioning gem' on the other side of the pond. In terms of progressive, effective, efficient training, Nick Grantham is on the top of the game. He is at the top of the food chain when it comes to staying on top of innovative training..something many conditioning specialists fail to do."


Robert dos Remedios, MA, CSCS, SCCC
2006 NSCA Collegiate Strength & Conditioning Coach of the year
Director of Speed, Strength & Conditioning
College of the Canyons, Santa Clarita, CA USA

It was tough and at times frustrating but let's not forget, anything worth having requires work. Ken trained consistently (one of the keys traits of training like an athlete) and when we fast forward 18 months we have a new man!


Ken recently celebrated his 65th birthday, won his age group at the Keswick Half Marathon and is in the final stages of preparation for his first Ironman. Yes, 65 Year Old Ken is going to complete his first Ironman event this summer 4.2Km Swim, 180Km Bike and then a 42Km Marathon to top it off!


He shows some of my younger clients how it should be done! Everyone should train like and athlete.. in fact everyone should train like Ken!


Lets have a look at what is going on in most gyms around the country.


Have you noticed that the fattest people in the gym
spend their time on the treadmill or bike?


It's time to get off the treadmill. STOP WASTING YOUR TIME! Research has shown that it's one of the least effective forms of fat burning exercise..


If you've been doing this and not much has been changing for you.




There is nothing wrong with you the problem is...


Who is there to show you how to train like an athlete.


Most Personal Trainers and Gym Instructors

don't know how to train like an Athlete ..


It's simple really most people who train in a gym have no set program they follow, they may have their favorite machines.


If you're fortunate enough to work  with a personal trainer then you will have a program that you are following but it's unlikely to include the EXERCISES THAT ATHLETES USE.


I'm not trying to have a dig at the majority of personal trainers, however unless they

  • have worked with elite strength and conditioning coaches,
  • been an elite athlete themselves or
  • are in the top tier of PT's that take many advanced courses

 they won't have the expertise to train you like a professional athlete.


They'll know how to use the machines correctly  in the gym so that you don't get injured and keep you safe but you won't get TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION  results that are possible.




The next place that people often look particularly men is the popular men's magazines, I regularly write for a number of these magazines including Men's Health, Mens Fitness, Peak Performance, Sports Injury Bulletin, Fitpro Network, Workout Magazine , they keep on the edge of the latest nutrition and training ideas however often there is not enough space for them to go into the required detail.

Men's Fitness Men's Health
Peak Performance

Often these magazines provide sample workouts, which can be good, however the danger is that you get hold of a routine, you like it and then you do the same thing for the next few months. Athlete's don't train like this.


Majority of people go into a trance

 as soon as they swipe their card and enter the gym ..


Where is the information on how to train correctly so you MAXIMISE your time and effort?


It's not out there readily available so most people go to the gym and move from machine to machine, they might see someone doing some upright rows and think 'yeah that looks good I'll go and do a couple of sets of them', they'll exercise till it starts to hurt a bit or if they are trying to show off they'll lose technique and try and bang out another 2 or 3 reps.


It's all too easy to spend your  time floating from machine to machine.


Now that you have read this page you're not going to have THE EXCUSE OF TURNING INTO A ZOMBIE AS SOON AS YOU ENTER THE GYM.


You'll kow how to train like an athlete.


They do short sharp high quality sessions

 and they are out of the gym as soon as possible ...



Robert dos Remedios


"Nick Grantham is one of the most practical and applied conditioning specialists in the World today. He has the uncanny ability to take the science out of the textbooks and into the real world. More importantly he gets results. One of the best practitioners I have ever met."


Alwyn Cosgrove
Strength and Conditioning Expert


For elite athlete's it's usually because they are going to do 2 or 3 sessions a day so they need to recover in time for the next session, but for the average gym user there is a lot to be gained by being focused and working hard rather than serenly moving from station to station.


The question to ask yourself is ...




Professional athletes monitor their performance in the minutest detail as their livelihood revolves around the progress that they make.


For us mere mortals the stakes aren't as high as that. But that's not a reason for wanting and expecting to make progress. I'm sure your boss wouldn't be very happy if you'd been working on a project for the last 6 months and it still looked the same as it did when you started.


Here are some of the things that you are going to learn and reasons why you need to make sure you TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE.

  • Read this before you WASTE more of your PRECIOUS time in the gym.
  • Why advice from popular magazines is hurting you.
  • Don't let ignorance RUIN your chances of transforming your body.
  • Why QUALITY trumps QUANTITY every time.
  • Why you should train in a functional way.
  • Flab is not an option if you train like an athlete.

Are you going to be Sleeping while others are waking?


Yes there is an awakening starting to happen.


If you read the popular magazines like Men's Health you may have noticed a change in emphasis over the past 12 months, they are talking more about FUNCTIONAL TRAIINING. It's not mainstream yet, it may never make mainstream but it's definitely taking a foothold.


Here are some tell tale signs that you may have seen the start of the awakening, have you seen or know what any of these are.

  • Kettle Bells
  • Medicine Ball Workouts
  • Foam rollers
  • High Intensity Interval Training
  • Peg Board 
  • EPOC
  • Battling Ropes
  • Accommodating resistance using heavy bands and chains
  • Olympic lifts
  • CHAOS training
  • Tempo
  • Pre-activation

If you don't know what some of the above list are then ...




What athletes do and you can too is practice the ...


The 180 Degree Principle


Do the opposite of what the masses are doing


How many people do you see in gyms doing High Intensity Intervals you will know if you have seen them, their machines will be going 3-4 times faster than anyone's else, you'll hear them gasping for breath and you will see the sweat pouring off them.


People doing sessions like these are ...


as rare as 'Rocking Horse POO' .


I talk to people who go to the main stream gyms all over the country and they tell me they never see people doing interval training .


I don't know if it is because people are brain washed into thinking that they have to grind out the time on the treadmill or on the bike or whether it's because they don't like getting sweaty. Maybe you just have to be really quick to spot them because often they will be showered and off home while you are still watching MTV or just getting to the point where you have seen Sky Sports News scrolling round for the third time.


This report is not just about HIIT that's just a tiny part of how athletes train, it goes WAY deeper than that.


Here is some of what I'm going to share with you.

  • What Professional conditioners hate about modern gyms and what to do about it.
  • What Professional trainers know about training that 90% of personal trainers don't.
  • Where to get  your Information from.
  • Why a 20 minute session will burn MORE fat than an hour's worth of running .
  • Why does functional training matter anyway.
  • What does functional training actually mean.
  • Ways women should train with weights so they get lean and toned not stacked.
  • Why the average Joe or Joanne Smith should train like an athlete.

I'm starting to sound like a GRUMPY OLD MAN HERE..


Let me just mention a couple of my pet peeves.


Body Part Split Training -


Have you ever heard someone say I'm training my chest and arms today! Or I'm doing Back and Shoulders today.


How functional is that?


In real life do you ever just use a movement that isolates your chest and your arms, no you use your core, your legs the whole shooting match. This is how athletes train!


I've trained some of the most athletic women in Britain.


I know guys it's a tough job but somebody's got to do it!


The bodies that these women have bring out the green eyed monster in other women and have men drooling.


If you've ever watched an international game of netball close up you'll be amazed how fit and lean those ladies are, they have flexibility, they have strength, the are supple, they've got cardiac endurance and explosive power.


You'll never see an elite netballer on a treadmill or on a stationary bike WHY?

It's not functional these women have the leanest thighs you will ever see , You'll never see them on a thigh master though fellas. They are just not worth the time and they don't work.


So if you're fond of the thigh master get off it.


it looks undignified and IT DOES NOT WORK!


If you want to get rid of those flabby thighs then you need to do complex functional movements, wow that sounds complicated, No it's not it could be as simple as a lunge with an upper body twist. An exercise like that is going to work your thighs and develop BUNS OF STEEL! 10 x faster than the thigh master ever will.


bicep curlLikewise I've trained International Rugby Players at my gym in Newcastle and I've got close relationships with the strength and conditioning coaches who work with the England Rugby Team, they never have their players doing bicep curls.


What is the point of a bicep curl, when do you ever use that movement in your everyday life, picking up a pint of beer maybe, it's not going to be much use in a maul or scrum though


SO if rugby players never do BICEP CURLs why are their guns stacked to the MAX then?


It's because they train like athletes not like a poseur who just wants to get some beach muscles for the summer.


Here's what you are going to get


60 minute video

60 Minute Video

Explaining how athletes train,  demonstrating exercises and teaching you sound principles you can take to the gym. IPod, windows and MP3 formats to download instantly.

powerpointPower Point Slides


MP3 Interview

of Nick being grilled by Sports Nutritionist and competitive athlete Gavin Allinson

illustrated and annotated

More than 40 fully illustrated and annotated exercise descriptions.

This is really all you need!

Training Plan 1

Training Plan 1

Designed for inexperienced gym users or those returning after a lengthy lay off

Training Plan 2

Training Plan 2

Designed for experienced gym users who know and understand many exercises

Hard Core Training

Training Plan 3

For HARD CORE ATHLETES- You'll probably need to work up to this one.

5 HIIT Challenges

5 HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) CHALLENGES  

designed to ensure your sessions leave you burning calories for the rest of the day


15 HIIT sessions


Develop your energy systems and help you to develop a lean and athletic physique

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